Mixing and Engineering

Delivering Artistry and Consistency Night After Night

 Every performance, as the audience settles in to their seats, as the musicians tune up in the pit and as the actors go to places on stage, our mixers and production sound engineers stand at the ready to deliver an artistic, consistent, and well-balanced sound mix.   

 The execution of the sound mix each performance  not only enables music and words to be heard, but also has the ability to convey emotion, create excitement and carry the audience on storytelling adventure in the form of an unique aural soundscape.  The balance of microphones, the enhancement of dynamics and the placement of surround sound, effects and otherwise, all fall under the purview of the mix engineer as they attempt to replicate and convey the design intention of the sound designer and creative team. 

 This multi-faceted responsibility to maintain the artistic integrity of the show is coupled to the requirement of understanding, and being able to utilize, program and troubleshoot the increasingly complex pieces of the sound system itself.  DnB Design's mix engineers pride themselves on the ability to successfully balance all these aspects night after night to deliver a superb performance for your audience. 

Mixing Art and Engineering

DnB Design's mix engineers utilize the techniques and have the benefit of the experience of sound mixers on Broadway in NYC.  Find out how this connection can make your next show sound incredible.