Mixing and Engineering

Line by line, word by word...

 Theatrical mixing, especially that for musical theatre, presents a host of challenges and obstacles that must be overcome in order to present a smooth performance night after night.  A theatrical mixer must handle all the elements of the Sound Design including, but not limited to, sound cue  playback, orchestra balance, vocal equalization, reverb and effects placement and microphone cues for every line.  All this while maintaining the artistic intent behind the design, music and story. 

 DnB Design's sound mixers utilize the proven line by line mixing techniques, developed by Broadway and West End mixers. What this means, is that every lyric or line is a fader move (cue), and when any given person is not speaking or singing, their microphone is muted.  This technique dramatically reduces the ambient noise and cancellation artifacts which are present with numerous omni-directional microphones mounting on moving mic stands (actors/actresses). 
In order to accomplish this, our mixers work from the script/libretto and "follow" along throughout the entire show, anticipating every word and inflection and adjusting for the differences in delivery and performance each show.  This results in the ability for us to deliver a consistent and clean mix night after night.  
DnB Design's mixers and engineers are also well versed in the art of mixing, beyond the technical fader moves and button pushes.  We firmly believe that the mixer is an integral part of the artistic soundscape of any production and, as such, must have a connection to the music, story, characters and effects.  More than just achieving a balance between orchestra microphones, it is important for mixers to enhance dynamics, feature solos, and leverage the incredible emotional power that music and the theatre can have on an audience.  It is this, that our mixers are also storytellers, that sets us apart.