Sound Design

More than just a toilet flush...

 At DnB Design, we understand the art and science behind theatrical sound design, be it crafting a single sound effect or the build of large multi-channel surround sound systems.
We understand what it means to work with your creative and design team to achieve a cohesive and synchronous production that can be repeated night after night.
We understand the technology and tools that are at the cutting edge of the audio industry and how they can be leveraged to create unique soundscapes that break the mold.
We've gained this understanding from years of experience, both in the Los Angeles area, but also as a result of work on productions in New York.   Some of our designers have spent years working in NYC alongside Broadway's finest directors, designers, production teams and sound shops.  Our designers have honed their skills in many of the aspects of Sound Design including computer assisted drafting, digital audio editing and effects programming, microphone placement techniques, music theory, dramaturgy, sound system design, FFT based system optimization and alignment, musical theatre mixing, and creating custom solutions for the unique challenges of theatre.
Our Sound Design philosophy is to create each show from the ground up as a sonically unique experience, tailored to the needs of the source material, the venue, and the budget.  Some shows may need complex multi-channel sound effects, which have to be recorded, edited, produced and executed in sync with lighting cues.  Other productions might require large multi-channel sound systems with the utmost in fidelity in order to create an immersive musical experience.  And yet still, some productions may need the sound of a realistic off-stage toilet flush...
Our Sound Designers are people who strive to work with with others equally passionate about their craft while honoring the budget and schedule. Theatre, at is core, is a collaborative art form and we value the contributions of the actor, stage manager, producer, director, designer and musician in our work to create and produce great performances. We stand ready to provide all this and more as part of our Sound Design services. 

Meet our Sound Designers

Brian Hsieh

Principal Sound Designer

 As a Sound Designer, Brian has extensive experience as a sound mixer and designer in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and on Broadway in New York City.  Brian has been a mix engineer for Cirque du Soleil's KÀ and Mystère, and the touring productions of the Broadway shows, Mamma Mia and BLAST!.  Design and Associate Design credits include Lestat, The Pirate Queen, Young Frankenstein, La Cage Aux Folles, Atlanta, Nightmare Alley, Ragtime, Journey to the West, Allegiance, Finding Neverland, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Jagged Little Pill.  In addition, Brian has over 20 years of theme park experience with Disneyland entertainment. Brian is involved with top audio manufacturers in product development and design. 

John Nobori

Sound Designer

 John Nobori is a California based sound designer and engineer.  His work has been heard in plays produced by such organizations as Cornerstone Theater Company, The Getty Villa and Oregan Shakespeare Festival.  Other recent credits include Center Theatre Groups production of Elliot: a Soldier's Fugue and South Coast Repertory's production of Orange.  He has been nominated for several awards for excellence in sound design, including an Ovation Award for his work on The Golden Dragon at Boston Court, Pasadena.  BA University of California, Irvine.