Equipment Rental

Custom tailored for your show...even if it's one microphone.

 DnB Design stands apart from all other Sound shops on the West Coast, not only because we stock some of the best sound equipment in the industry, but because of how we package and deliver it to our clients.

 We've adopted the production sound philosophy of the major East Coast sound shops that supply sound equipment for Broadway plays and musicals.  We not only rent sound equipment, but we provide full production sound services where we custom build your show from console configurations to equipment racks down to every cable and piece of hardware.  We believe in a transparent bid process where we do our best to procure and supply the equipment specified by the Sound Designer.
We're accustomed to working with Sound Designers to generate custom cable labels, creating bundles and, assembling racks based of their drawings.  (We will never force pre-built "stock" systems on any client ).  Our staff will then label all tail sets, bundles, and rack panels  as well as assembling bundles and racking and connecting all the equipment.  We also open our doors to those designers and design staff who would prefer to be in the shop during the build process, allowing for pre-programming time as well as troubleshooting and configuration of the equipment, all saving valuable time in the theatre.

 We carry customization to another level by also providing custom solutions to assist our clients in solving the creative challenges that arise frequently in theatre.  From software controlled backstage A2 wireless mic listening stations, to single purpose multi-channel switchers,  to custom MIDI and Digital Logic trigger buttons, to specialized loudspeaker rigging, DnB Design offers answers and options to enable Designers to pull off theatre magic.

 This rental approach translates to significant cost savings for producers and General Managers during the load-in and tech process, reducing labor hours  and troubleshooting time, since the sound system is tested and connected here in our shop prior to load-in at the theatre.