What We Do   


Theatrical Sound Design and Mixing


The art of sound design is an unique blend of science and art, often having the ability to define a show.  The use of sound to create environments, evoke emotions and inspire storytelling gives the sound designer an immense canvas upon which to create the sonic world of a play or musical.

DnB Design’s sound designers understand the importance of hearing every word and every note.  Through the use of our cutting edge equipment, we are able to achieve an unparalleled level of consistency and precision.   From the system design, to the creation of sound effects to the reinforcement of music and voice, we aim to deliver an unforgettable sound experience.

Our sound designers and mix engineers have experience in virtually every aspect of sound production from studios to the Broadway stage.  Our designers and mixers operate the top of the line sound equipment with an emphasis on the specifics of theatrical design in order to deliver the best possible soundscape for your show.